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A: Hydrogen isotope recycling, migration, retention, and release from fusion reactor materials and co-deposited layers (Tungsten)


"Influence of the initial D concentration on damage stabilization during self-damaging of tungsten"

T. Schwarz-Selinger


"Comparing deuterium retention in heavy ion damaged tungsten measured by GD-OES, NRA and TDS"

Hong Zhang


"Beneficial Deuterium Retention Properties of Tungsten Heavy Alloy"

H. Maier


"Influence of Thin Surface Oxide Films on Deuterium Release from Tungsten"

K. Kremer


"Comments on analysis of thermal desorption spectrum of hydrogen isotopes from neutron-irradiated tungsten"

Yuji Hatano


"A novel H-unique damaging mechanism experimentally verified for W exposed to hydrogen isotopes plasma at sub-threshold ion energy"

L. Gao


"Effect of D on the evolution of displacement damage in W during annealing to 1000 K"

S. Markelj


"Influence of exposure conditions on helium transport and bubble growth in tungsten"

R. Delaporte-Mathurin


"Influence of tungsten oxide on T retention in W materials"

Elodie Bernard

B: Hydrogen isotope recycling, migration, retention, and release from fusion reactor materials and co-deposited layers  (Other materials)


"Suppression of vacancy formation and hydrogen isotope retention in irradiated W-Cr alloy"

Jing Wang


"Deuterium interaction with helium induced defects in Tungsten and in RAFM steel"

Z. Harutyunyan


"Effect of the presence of He in Fe-based materials on the D retention at low and high flux/fluences"

O. V. Ogorodnikova


"The influence of irradiation on the deuterium permeation behavior of oxidized Fe-Cr-Al steel"

Yi-Ming Lyu


"Temperature Dependence of the Deuterium Concentration in Silicon Carbide Codeposits"

J.A. Lantaigne


"Estimation of Dynamic Retention with Fast Ejecting System of Targeted Sample (FESTA) in QUEST"

Q. Yue


"Multi-physics hydrogen diffusion and trapping model of a Water-Cooled Lithium Lead (WCLL) breeding blanket"

J. Dark


"Atomistic study of hydrogen interaction with intrinsic defects in α-Iron"

Xiao-Chun Li


"Deuterium permeation behavior in the CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy"

Yu-Ping Xu

C: Tritium removal techniques

"Restoration of hydrogen isotopes removal by laser heating"
P. Gąsior


"Tritium release behavior from tritium breeding pebbles with micro-grains and nano-grains"

Qiang Qi


"Fuel removal : complementary research at the TOMAS experimental facility"

T. Wauters

D: Influence of plasma impurities and seeded impurities on fuel retention
(Special session: cross-machine comparison of impurity droppers on fuel retention)

"BH and BD molecular spectroscopy during the Impurity Powder Dropper experiments"
T. Kawate


"Modification of wall retention by boron powder wall conditioning in ASDEX Upgrade"

V. Rohde


"Comparison of behaviors of recycling and impurities during Li aerosol and B powder injection to EAST plasmas"

J.S. Hu


"Effects of boron / boron-nitride powder dropping on hydrogen isotopes and helium behaviors in LHD"

S. Masuzaki

"Observations of spatial distributions after boron dropping to hydrogen/deuterium plasmas in LHD"
N. Ashikawa

E: Hydrogen isotope recycling, migration, retention, and release from fusion reactor materials and co-deposited layers (Modeling and simulation)


"The effect of a well-defined tungsten oxide layer on deuterium retention and release: a single crystal approach for macroscopic rate equations modeling"

A. Dunand


"Development of the simulation code for the migration of irradiation defects in tungsten for tritium inventory evaluation"

Makoto I. Kobayashi


"Influence of the presence of deuterium on damage in tungsten – an artificial dynamics MD-study"

U. von Toussaint

"Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Deuterium Retention in Tungsten Exposed to Low-energy, High Fluxes of Pure D and He-D Mixture"
Ali Y Hamid



"Comprehensive and integrated simulations to study the effects of mixed materials on deuterium diffusion, trapping, and desorption"

T. Sizyuk



"Diffusivity and solubility of protium and deuterium in tungsten derived from a combined experimental and modelling approach"

Georg Holzner


"Accumulation behavior of radiation defects in tungsten by molecular dynamics calculation"

Takuji Oda

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